“Oh Droplet”

Sometimes, chemists like to relax from thinking too much about chemical formulas or equations or how the molecules and atoms work intimately and would just like to take life in the big chunk it is. Here’s a piece I made during such a time.

“Oh Droplet” by le me

The pitter-patter

as rain drops and splatters

all over the roof,

the leaves, the windowpane

is the herald of candor

to remind us tonight

of a truly vital affair.

As raindrops are formed

in clouds up above,

formed just to fall,

to drop from the sky,

life goes quite fast

you’re born, you grow

you make choices,

and then you die.

Did that one droplet

that ended a splatter

to join in this night’s

song of pitter-patter

bring nutrients, clean water

and matter which matters

that makes plants and life grow

or was it a sad

droplet of acid rain

polluted and foul

only a cause of pain,

misery and woe.

Consider the way

life is lived today

for when your time comes

to join the pitter-patter

would it call forth from the living

a  celebration

or a shower of pained tears.


3 thoughts on ““Oh Droplet”

  1. So this is the silent you. Hmnn…I have finally heard silence playing a flute with many notes and rhythms, colorful. You painted me a picture, I believe it is loud and clear. “Litmus paper don’t lie, I know what happens when bad men die”. I want to see more from this “Gallery of Silence”.

    • Thank you, sir! Very much pleased that you find it interesting. Yes, yes, yes more will come. Not too soon but not too late just rest assured it will be up to date. 😉

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