Light and Dark

I haven’t seen these pair of Chucks in real life but just by the photos posted online, they look exciting!

The gummy green color in the light and the nice green glow in the dark really brings back memories of my old glow-in-the-dark dinosaur toy. The days when you go out into the sunlight and “charge-up” your toy then scurry as fast as you can into the darkest place in the house (it was my parent’s closet for me) to enjoy the glow of the toy in the middle of the day.

The glow or phosphorescence is attributed to how certain materials have the capacity to absorb radiation and to release it lower intensities over a period of time. The diagram below shows a simple graphic explanation of this phenomenon.

From ground state to exited state and then going back to the ground state through a forbidden relaxtion.

The electrons in the rubber material take in the radiation and so it goes to the excited state. Now for fluorescence, as we observe in all light bulbs, it is an instantaneous release through intense light production but for some materials it takes longer. That is because of the forbidden relaxation where from an excited state the return to the ground state is over a longer period of time though less in light intensity and that is phosphorescence.

It’s interesting to remember how our old toys have so much complex chemistry at work in them.


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